Widomar Mayer, Marsha Swanson Attacked by Two Bail Bonds Agents

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Widomar Mayor's Family Attacked by
Two Bail Agents

Written on March 31, 2011

The Mayor of a Riverside County town, Marsha Swanson claims 2 bail bond agents entered her Widomar home and attacked her family. Gausto Atilano and Bryan Stark two local bail bond agents working for a local bail bonds company entered Swanson's home in search for a girl dating her grandson. The girlfriend in question, Erica Lynch was arrested a month earlier on receiving stolen property charges and released on a $5,000 bond. Lynch was denied bail from the bail bond's company in question and had no reason to enter the house and arrest Lynch as she wasn't a fugitive. The accusations from Swanson and her family continue saying the two bail agents not only broke grandson's nose but they also tasered her daughter after entering the house.

The two bondsmen gave a statement to police saying they had a right to be there and were attacked by Lynch before hauling her away to jail. Lynch was taking into custody by the two bail agents and put back into jail on Wednesday. Mayor Swanson is pressing charges of trespassing and battery against the two bail agents and although the police have begun their questions, they haven't arrested the two men in question just yet. ...Read the Rest of This Article.

Erie County Holding Center Implements Adversiting to Help Deficit Budget

A Captive Audience

Written on March 31, 2011

With our country in a huge financial pickle, different states, counties and towns are getting inventive when raising money to meet deficits in their budget. One upstate New York town has gotten more creative than most in order to make ends meet and raise money for their local government. The Erie County Holding Center has taken marketing and a captive audience to the next level as they've implemented advertising in their holding cells. Local laws have always made it difficult for bail bond agencies to market directly to their demographic but now with bail bond services posted all over the holding cells finding someone to post your bail has never been easier. The company Captive Ads has made it easier for bail bond companies and lawyers to offer services to people who really need when they need it. At a mere $40 a week for a one year commitment, the company has already sold most of the available advertising space to local bail bond companies and lawyers, not bad for the first week. A third of the revenues from the lawyer and bail bondsmen ads will go directly back to the local county Government.

Bidding for the deal with the local Erie Government wasn't necessary as the company behind the ads already had a contract with the DMVs throughout the state, instead the new advertising space available for bail bond companies and lawyers were piggybacked into the new campaign....Read the Rest of This Article.

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